Mash Ups

4 03 2007

All the rage now – video mash-ups are turning out to be a big hit amongst marketing companies.

Combining the hands-on user-generated approach with in-your-face advertising, mash-ups are proving to be an effective marketing tool for the web-savvy public. From interactive games to making your own commercials and ad soundtracks, the concept of mash-ups taps into the creative streak of modern audiences.

Some recent mash-ups that have caught our eye include the M&M’s site ‘Becoming an M&M’ which allows users to put together their own little M&M character and watch him/her feature in a variety of movies and arcade games. promotes the ‘Second Coming’ campaign for the Nike AF25 Basketball trainer, in which people are given an choice of clips, close-ups and a soundtrack to arrange and put together a unique version of the recent Wieden + Kennedy commercial, featuring 10 Nike-sponsored basketball players battling it out in an abandoned airbase hangar.

Last but not least is the new online campaign for the Motorola RAZR phone, collaborating with Discovery TV show Miami Ink to produce an interactive site where visitors can design covers for the Motorola RAZR using a selection of tattoo designs. The prize for the best design is a RAZR phone decorated with your own creative etchings. The site was built by Draft FCB New York and Paris.

ViTrue, meanwhile, has created an entire site dedicated to user generated commercials, acting as a platform to other video mash-ups sites. The site also hosts tools for editing your videos including AdMixer, a program for users to piece together their own TV commercials.

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