Nissan Qashqai Launch campaign

1 03 2007

Japanese car giant Nissan has turned to online for the launch of its new Qashqai model across Europe, with an extensive digital campaign that precedes the offline launch of the car by three months.

Nissan’s decision to invest its initial marketing budget in an exclusively online launch was shaped by the Qashqai’s intended target audience of 25-35-year-old urban males. The campaign aims to generate online debate around the rights and wrongs of a fictitious underground sport in order to raise awareness of the Qashqai brand.

The world of “Qashqai car games” involves outrageous driving stunts using ramps similar to those favoured by skateboarders or parcourt free-runners. Every aspect of the extreme sport is brought to life across the online world, including the history, rules, fan sites, teams and driver profiles.

The traditional media campaign themed “100% Urban Proof” was launched at the end of February 2007 including a main launch TVC:

As well as several press & billboard executions: Qashqai Print 1, Qashqai Print 2.


The activities are complemented by a launch microsite:
and some interesting online media executions:




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